Bikes, Boats, and Floating Piers

There are lots of ways to experience art this grand.

I spent five days on Lago d’Iseo in order to experience Christo’s monumental installation, The Floating Piers.  And I wanted to experience it in as many ways as possible.  So not only did I walk the Piers five times, I also rented a bike and a boat to experience the work from other perspectives.

Bikes were not allowed on The Piers.  In fact, I was originally told you could only go as far as Pilzone on bike.  Then the friendly local polizia informed you that you had to lock your bike and walk the additional 1.5 kilometers.  After I attempted to speak to them in Italian, they informed me I could take Via Valeriana, an ancient road that runs high along the hills surrounding the lake and get much closer to the entrance. I appreciated the tip as it resulted in some spectacular vistas.

Boats, strangely were allowed much closer to the piers. This struck me as startlingly irresponsible particularly when I was given the keys to a boat and set loose alone on the lake even though I have absolutely no experience captaining such a vessel. Once in a boat, you could slowly motor as close at 15 meters from The Piers.  I didn't have the nerve to get quite that close.

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