A Met Fixer-Upper

Hollywood or Homesteads

It would appear that one of two things is happening on the roof of the met this summer: A tornado has blown a house in from the Midwest or Hollywood has taken over and is making it's latest horror film.

The reality? The MET is up to it's usual antics, inviting a living artist to install a work that enjoys one of the best Central-Park views available.  This year, that artist is Cornelia Parker and the work is Transitional Object (PsychoBarn).  Inspired by the paintings of Edward Hopper and the Bates family mansion, it's no wonder this out-of-place structure straddles the space between American nostalgia and American horror. 

The ultimate effect might be less sinister than intended. With the beautiful Manhattan Skyline in the background and Central Park's lush greenery in the foreground, the house feels like a quaint, fixer-upper in the next New York neighborhood poised for gentrification. With a little work, I'd move in.


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