Snack like an Italian


Please know that I am in no way giving up my lifelong quest to find the world's greatest butter cookie. That said, I may have recently found the winner at a small pasticceria in Iseo, Italy.

The "subblè" cookies (featured in the photo above), were a creation of Patsticceria Ravara and were so light and crumbly they evaporated in your mouth.  Their crust of crunchy sugar made the whole experience extra pleasurable.

I hesitate to award the cookies the title of "world's best" for one simple reason: I know only one person who liked butter cookies more than I do: Felix Flores.  So it was a bit heartbreaking not to have Felix around to offer his opinion. But I can say for certain, Felix would have adored the friendly ladies at Pasticceria Ravara and their delicious creations.

I mention these cookies as a way to open a discussion about snacking in Italy.  Of course Italy is famous for it's exceptional food from pizza to pasta, bread to wine. But I was regularly reminded how much the Italians love little treats and snacks.  So in addition to all those pasticceria cookies and pastries, here are a few of the things I grew to love, whether they were new or old favorites from my previous time in Italy.

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